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Thoughts on NOT completing the whole30.

I’ve been lagging with documenting my food the past several days. Halfway through the month, on Friday, we had a St. Patrick’s day potluck at work. Again, there was the challenge of eating whole30/paleo during that lunch. I don’t want to be “that” person who constantly asks how things are cooked or what ingredients are in certain dishes when someone else is preparing food for me. I feel that that is rude to do so. That day, I decided I wasn’t going to feel bad for whatever I consumed at lunch. And I also ate until I was full; I didn’t indulge whatsoever. A bulk of my plate consisted of meat, veggies, and fruit anyhow. I managed to stay away from tortillas and rice. Not as bad as I thought it would be…

After doing without sweets like brownies or cookies for several days, eating them again was a little disappointing. They didn’t taste as good as they used to. Carrot sticks and fresh fruit actually taste better, to me, than sweets. I guess this is a good thing! I won’t be craving sweets like I used to. Hooray self-discipline!

I “cheated” on my “diet” again yesterday at a potluck in the afternoon and when I had dinner with a friend last night. At the potluck, again, the sweets just weren’t as tasty as they used to be. My friend and I decided on Thai food last night since she can’t find decent, reasonably-priced Asian food where she lives now. I couldn’t find a dish loaded with veggies and chicken, so I decided on a hot and sour soup with coconut milk (I forgot the name) while she got her favorite – pad see ew (I know my spelling is off lol). I had a few bites of her noodle dish, and omg, was it delicious.

Anywho, I really tried to start reading “It Starts With Food” again, and I just couldn’t get through the whole thing for a number of reasons. (More like I skimmed through it than read it closely.) I did not like the way it was written, and I also didn’t agree with the reasons why they eliminate certain food groups in the diet.  For example, I don’t think complex carbs like brown rice, oats, and whole grains are bad for you. I also don’t think beans (when prepped without additives) are bad for you either.

No diet or exercise regime is created equal. Some things work better for others. I am definitely not made to be 100% paleo, and I’m more than okay with that.

I did learn a few things from going super-strict paleo though. And I will take away some parts of the diet as I go off of it:

  • Food should be used to fuel your body. It shouldn’t be an excuse to indulge in because of stress.
  • I’ll do my best to stray away from processed foods and food items with additives when I prepare my meals at home.
  • My meals won’t be focused around dairy and grains like they used to.
  • I’ll enjoy alcoholic beverages when I’m out with friends and family. At home, I’ll limit myself to a glass of wine every now and then.
  • I won’t be preparing baked goods for myself at home. (Nowadays, I prefer fruit as dessert anyway. Never thought I’d see the day!)
  • And when dining out, I will not be picky! 🙂 I’ll enjoy the “not-so-healthy” foods only when I’m with company.
  • Instead of reaching for the energy or snack bars, I’ll stick with eating a little bit of fruit (and raw nuts or nut butter) as my pre-workout fuel.
  • I never liked sports drinks like Gatorade for working out. Lately, I’ve learned to like coconut water. I will be alternating between coconut water and nuun electrolyte tablets as my workout drink.

I have a couple of paleo recipes to blog though (which I will get to eventually). I’ll still update this blog every now and then on my weight loss/fitness progress as well as clean eating recipes I come across.

I will not be continuing the Whole30 challenge for the rest of March. Instead, I’ll make it a point to eat clean from here on out. 🙂

– kp


Day 7.

Breakfast: egg breakfast bake and black coffee

Morning Snack: red and green grapes, mixed raw nuts (wow, that sounds awkward lol)

Lunch: Chipotle! 🙂 I’ve been reading paleo forums, and a lot have mentioned that you can eat paleo at Chipotle. I went with their suggestions and ordered a salad with meat (mmm barbacoa), 2 salsas, guac, and extra lettuce on top. Normally douse it with the green or chipotle Tabasco, but unfortunately, those 2 have sugar. It was delicious without my other usual “toppings” – beans, brown rice, and corn. I think the meat was cooked in non-Paleo oil though because I was feeling a little sluggish in the afternoon.


Afternoon snack: more grapes and raw nuts

Dinner: I threw this salad together with leftover pork, spinach, arugula, tomatoes, and avocadoes. No dressing needed; I just used some of the gravy/glaze from my pork. Soooo gooood.



Other Notes:

  • Anytime I tell someone that I’m eating paleo and explain the diet, I always get the responses: “What CAN you eat?” or “What’s left?” 
  • I still think about carbs and sweets. This is exactly what happened to me when I was a vegetarian last month: I actively think about the foods I can’t have on my diet.
  • I slept like a baby last night. This is good. However, I overslept by an hour. That’s not so good.
  • Coworkers from a different department at work insist that I join them for their potluck tomorrow. Ahhh. Wish me luck in staying paleo when I eat with them!
  • I feel like I’ve hit a plateau with running. Or maybe it’s just on off week.

Day 6.

Breakfast: black coffee, egg breakfast bake

Morning snack: green tea, pistachios, 1/2 a Fuji apple with almond butter

Lunch: leftovers: bbq pork, broiled zucchini, prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Pre-workout: 1/2 a Fuji apple with almond butter, pistachios

Post-workout: 1 banana and coconut water

Dinner: leftovers: adobo and garlic-roasted broccoli and cauliflower

Other notes: The scale is still going down…

Day 5.

Breakfast: black coffee, egg  breakfast bake

Morning snack: a handful of pistachios, 1/2 a Fuji apple with almond butter

Lunch: seared and poached mahi mahi (recipe), salad with spinach, cucumber, arugula, and tomato


Afternoon snack: berries with coconut flakes

Pre-run: 1/2 a Fuji apple with almond butter

Dinner: bbq pork (I screwed up this recipe) and broiled zucchini

Other notes:

  • I think I went too hard at the gym yesterday. Some parts of my body were sore on my run today.
  • Running in cool weather feels good. Running in the wind is hard. Running on an incline is hard. I’m learning to not exert as much energy going downhill. Tonight’s run didn’t seem like it went well for me, but looking back at my logs on Nike+, I’m still improving my pace and endurance.
  • I am down 14.8lbs since November! (I know I cheated. The Whole30 instructs you not to weigh yourself throughout the duration of 30 days. Oh well!

Hell yeahhhh!

MyFitnessPal – Free Weight Loss Tools


Egg breakfast bake with mushrooms, kale, bell pepper, and ground chicken


Before the Whole30, Chobani Greek yogurt or oatmeal with fruit were my go-to quick breakfast choices on workdays. Because dairy and grains are forbidden on the program, I did some digging on breakfast suggestions and came across a bunch of egg bakes. (I’m not sure whether or not to call this a quiche since it doesn’t have a crust or cheese in it.)

Here’s the original recipe:

Of course, I had my own modifications…


  • 6 eggs
  • 3/4 – 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 3 cups of chopped kale
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 cup of chopped mushrooms (I used cremini and white.)
  • 1/4 cup of chopped scallions
  • 1/4 lb of ground chicken
  • olive oil
  • spices of your choice (I use ground pepper and garlic salt by default.)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Grease a round pie dish with olive oil.
  3. Heat about 1/2 – 1 tbsp of olive oil in a skillet.
  4. Over medium heat, saute onions until they are translucent. Add in the chicken to the skillet. Cook the chicken until lightly browned. Set the chicken and onion aside in a small bowl.
  5. Lightly grease the skillet with olive oil again. Saute kale until it’s wilted. Set aside kale in a separate bowl.
  6. Saute red bell pepper, mushrooms, and scallions. After these are finished cooking, turn off the fire. Toss in chicken and kale.
  7. In a large bowl, whisk eggs and coconut milk together along with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  8. Fold in the chicken and veggie mix in the egg mix. After all ingredients are mixed together, pour into the pie dish.
  9. Bake for 30-45 minutes.

Makes 4 servings!

Day 4.

Sorry folks. No pretty pics for this post.

Breakfast: egg breakfast bake with sun-dried tomatoes (recipe), black coffee, berries with sunflower seeds and coconut flakes

Morning snack: green tea, a handful of pistachios and raw almonds

Lunch: Whole30-friendly chicken adobo (recipe), leftovers – prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and garlic-roasted cauliflower/broccoli

Afternoon snack: 1/2 a Fuji apple with almond butter, a handful of pistachios, homemade Lara bar

Post-workout snack: 1 banana, coconut water with pineapple

Dinner: leftovers – macadamia-crusted chicken, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, and garlic-roasted cauliflower/broccoli

Other Notes:

  • I can lift a lot more at the gym!
  • Core/ab exercises aren’t difficult like they used to be. This means I need to step it up with my workouts.
  • VitaCoco brand coconut water with different flavors… so bomb!


Whole30 adobo?!

Before I started the Whole30, I was a little sad to find out that soy sauce is forbidden on the diet. However, after reading blogs and forums here and there, I found out that there’s a Whole30-friendly substitute for soy sauce: coconut aminos! A bottle of coconut aminos is super expensive online, but luckily I was able to find some at The Vitamin Shoppe. Soy sauce is one of the main ingredients in Adobo, a well-known Filipino dish. I’d like to attempt to paleo-fy traditional Filipino dishes this month. Anywho, here’s how I made Whole30-friendly chicken adobo:



  • 1 bottle of coconut aminos
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp of applesauce (I normally use sugar. To make it Whole30-friendly, I used applesauce as sweetener.)
  • 1 tbsp of peppercorns
  • 3-4 bay leaves
  • 1/2 onion, sliced
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic, sliced or minced
  • 1 1/2 lbs of chicken (Bone-in. I recommend thighs or drumsticks. Chicken breast will dry out.)


  1. Place all ingredients in a pot as shown in the picture above. (There’s no right or wrong order.)
  2. Simmer on low – medium fire for 30min – 1 hour.

That’s it! Easy peasy 🙂