Day 2.

Pre-run:  coffee with coconut milk, 1 fuji apple with almond butter

Post-run snack: 1 banana, 1 glass of coconut water, 1 handful of Raw Trail Mix from Ralphs

Post-run brunch (pictured below): kale/mushroom/spinach scramble, smoked salmon with 1/2 an avocado and 1/2 a roma tomato. The scramble started off as an omelet, but ended up being a scramble because the eggs were stuck to the pan when I was trying to flip the thing over.

Late lunch: leftover shrimp curry with garlic-roasted cauliflower and broccoli

Dinner (pictured below): I took my little brother out for AYCE Korean BBQ. It’s very tricky to stay completely Whole30 when dining out because you’re not sure how certain foods are cooked. I tried my best to stay paleo though by eating only the meat and the veggies that were served. I won’t lie – the meal was incomplete without having the rice paper, pancake, and noodles. I’m pretty sure that some of the banchan wasn’t paleo-friendly because I felt kind of… off when I was eating. (I’m thinking that some of the banchan/side dishes were prepared with small amounts of sugar and soy sauce, two things that aren’t Whole30-friendly.) Or maybe my body was thrown off by all the red meat because I haven’t had it for awhile.


Other notes:

  • I still don’t like the taste of coconut milk with coffee. I think I might just learn to drink my coffee black.
  • I have difficulty running in warmer weather and when trying to actively listen to my running buddy talk the whole time.
  • Still no luck finding sugar-less, unsweetened coconut flakes at the store.
  • Like I mentioned before, it’s very difficult to stay completely Whole30 when dining out. Some die-hard Whole30 enthusiasts (and even paleo people, too) would probably scold me. But in my opinion, being “that person,” the stickler, ruins the fun out of enjoying a good meal at a restaurant with good company. Throughout March, when dining out, I will try my best to stay paleo, but I won’t guilt trip myself for not being 100% Whole30.

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