Day 3

Pre-workout (breakfast/snack?):  Tuna with cucumber slices, 1/2 a Fuji apple with almond butter, black coffee, agua


Post-workout snack: 1 banana

Lunch: mmmm more smoked salmon! 🙂 With arugula, spinach, 1 chopped Roma tomato, and 1/2 chopped avocado tossed in olive oil and black pepper. Coconut water to wash it down.



Afternoon snack: Coconut cream pie Lara bar. This was extremely sweet to me, almost inedible. 😦

Late Dinner: Leftover shrimp curry

Other Notes:

  • I’m noticing that I have more stamina when I exercise. Sweating feels really good. 
  • Family and friends are noticing that I’ve lost weight since I last saw them. Yayyy!
  • I use very few ingredients in what I eat now, and yet my food is so tasty. I love that my meals are so colorful.
  • Coconut water tastes a lot better than the first time I tried it last week before I went paleo. I bought 2 cases of coconut water at Sprouts this afternoon since they’ve got a BOGO deal going on.
  • Found a bottle of coconut aminos (soy sauce substitute) at The Vitamin Shoppe. Also picked up a case of coconut water in juicebox form.
  • Black coffee actually tastes good! I won’t be putting coconut milk in it anymore haha.
  • I spend at least two hours when I meal prep/meal plan for the week. I’m getting used to cooking 3 or 4 different entrees in one night. It’s starting to feel like a routine for Sunday nights.

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