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Hi everyone! My name is Kristine. I’m a Norcal native currently living in suburban Socal. I never enjoyed being active as a kid because I wasn’t good at sports. As a result, I’ve been overweight my whole life.

My family has a lot of history of health problems from high cholesterol, to diabetes, to high blood pressure. When I get older, I don’t want to run into these problems. I want to live a long, happy life.

It’s only been recently that I’m paying more attention to what I eat. I decided to go vegetarian for the month of February just to see if I could do it. In that month, I was able to drop 4.6lbs. For March, I’m going paleo for 30 days for the Whole 30 Challenge out of curiosity. I will eliminate dairy, grains (this includes rice and corn as well), legumes (includes peanuts and soy), and sugar from my diet for 30 days. This also means I will not consume a drop of alcohol for the next 30 days. It’s called a challenge for a reason, right? *le sigh!*

I’ve also taken up running recently thanks to the No Boundaries 5K program at Fleet Feet Sports. So far, I’m loving it!

My weight and running goals:

GW: 130lbs
SW (11/2012): 165lbs

Races I have signed up for: 
03/09/13 – Run to Dye in Los Angeles, CA (5K)
04/06/13 – Grape Stomp 5K in Rancho Cucamonga, CA
05/11/13 – EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women in LA (5.6K)

Races I would like to do: 
10/19/13 – Matt’s Run at Cal Poly Pomona (5K)
11/2013 – Run to Feed the Hungry in Sacramento, CA (10K)
09/2014 – Disneyland Half Marathon (or any half marathon sometime in 2014)

A friend suggested that I blog my experience with the Whole 30 Challenge. Instead of posting like crazy on Facebook, I’ll be using this blog as a photo journal of my Whole 30 meals and to keep track of my running progress.

To whoever reads this, happy reading on my fitness/health journey in 2013! 🙂



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