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Out of sight, out of mind. (Making my kitchen Whole30 friendly!)

I meant to post this earlier in the week, but I didn’t get to it until now.

I spent most of Sunday reorganizing and restocking my kitchen so that it is Whole30-friendly. I don’t plan to stay on the strict Whole30 diet after March, so I moved all my non-Paleo items to different shelves. (And I hate throwing away food!)

These two cupboards are by my stove. Throughout the duration of the Whole30, I won’t open these cupboards. These foods aren’t allowed on the Whole30. 😦


I moved spices and other ingredients I’m allowed to use right next to my stove:image

On to the pantry. Stuff on the top shelf is allowed. Stuff on the bottom isn’t Whole30-friendly. I actually thought about covering the bottom shelf so I won’t be tempted to eat/use anything from that shelf.image

As for the freezer, stuff on top is allowed. Stuff on the bottom isn’t…image

And finally, the fridge. The very top shelf is Whole30-friendly except for the almond milk which I got rid of this week. Everything else below that is off limits. On Sunday, I gave all the chocolate milk boxes to my brother. He was more than thrilled lol.


Some other notes I have:

  • Grocery shopping takes almost twice as long now because of reading all the labels. I was surprised at how many food items have sugar in them. The Whole30 also discourages from using items that have additives and preservatives.
  • I had to go to more than one store on one shopping trip just to find certain items. I need to make a list of what stores carry certain products.
  • Trader Joe’s has coconut milk without additives. Sprouts brand coconut milk has additives. Coconut milk will probably be cheaper at an Asian market.